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Cashout Points Removed--Please read
Published on 05-04-2024

Hello everyone


First I wanted to thank you for the welcome and trust you have given us. with about 3 years of operation has earned a solid place in the world of PTCs.

The work of the team has been hard and continues to be hard but our satisfaction is that we have achieved a solid and strong PTC.

From now on our compromise is to go to continue and to improve.

We are forced to make a small change.

The 500 cashoutpoints needed to get paid was done on the offerswall, seems to be in problems as they have stopped paying.

The last payment that appears on their page( Proofs) is from January 9th.

They are not responding to my tickets either.

For the moment we removed the 500 cashoutpoints and the conditions remain as follows:


Rules for receiving payment.


1. All users must invest at least 1$ every 6 months to receive payments again.

2.. To have posted the previous payment (if existent) in the Forum.

All payments will restart on August 13th.
Published on 09-08-2022


All payments will restart on August 13.
I have gone on vacation for 7 days with the idea of connecting every two days to be able to make payments and solve any problems but it is impossible.
The internet connection (when available) is very bad.
I had been assured that everything would be perfect (internet etc) but it's a real shit.
I apologize for the impossibility to make some payments and answer tickets.

A little patience please.


Published on 16-05-2022
Deposit and Get
Payeer: 25% Bonus
Perfect-Money: 25% Bonus
Airtm (MANUAL) :30% Bonus

All crypto deposit : 40% Bonus

Bonus added manually

Promo ends on 20 May 2002.
The bonus will be added to the Account balance.

Published on 08-04-2022


Deposit and get:

Deposit: $2 - $10 (Free Bonus 10% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 1Revshare(valor 1$) for each 3$)

Deposit: $11 - $50 (Free Bonus 15% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 2 Revshare(valor 1$)

Deposit: $51 - $100 (Free Bonus 20% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 5 Reveshares(valor 1$)

Deposit: Up  $101  (Free Bonus 25% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 5 Revshares(valor 1$)

 Bonus added manually

Promo ends on 11  April  2002.

The Best Promo
Published on 20-03-2022

The Best Promo

-Deposit and get:

2$-10$ (Bonus 10% + 1RR for each dollar + 1000 Ptc credits +1000 Banner credits)

11$-50$  (Bonus 15% + 1RR for each dollar +2000 Ptc credits + 2000 Banner credits)

51$-100$ (Bonus 20% + 1RR for each dollar + 3000 Ptc credits + 3000 Banner credits)

Over100 (Bonus 25% + 2 RR for each dolar + 4000 Ptc credits +4000 Banner credits)


  RR can be changed  for Revenue Shares (3RR for 1 Share)

Bonus added manually  

Promo ends on 23  March 2022

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