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Everwork Sports Betting for all users
Published on 17-10-2023

The Evergreen group will introduce in the 3 PTCs it manages a new way to earn money through sports betting (football, basketball, tennis etc.).

I anticipate that the winnings obtained will be credited on the same day or at most the next day depending on the time of the game.
The bets can be made through the PTC or through our Telegram channel.


Conditions and uses:
Bets will appear every day and will be of 2 types:
-Free bets (One bet per day)
-Premium Bets (2 to 4 bets per day)
-Minimum to bet 1$.
-AB and PB balance cannot be used.
If a user wants to place a bet, he/she has to DEPOSIT the amount he/she wants to bet (by putting the word "bet".) NO TICKET is required.
The balance plus earnings will be credited immediately to the user's account.
If a user bets 1$ at odds of 1.50 and we win he will immediately receive 1.5$.

Thanks to all

Cashoutpoints Rule will be Change
Published on 18-08-2022

Hello everyone

The team after studying the numerous requests from users has decided to remove the 300 cashoutpoints measure and apply it only to users who have never invested before.
So the 300 cashoutpoints rule will change as follows:
ONLY users who never invested before need 300 cashout points to receive payment.

Very very soon we will introduce changes that we are going to announce for more earnings.

Evergreen group

All payments will restart on August 13th.
Published on 09-08-2022


All payments will restart on August 13.
I have gone on vacation for 7 days with the idea of connecting every two days to be able to make payments and solve any problems but it is impossible.
The internet connection (when available) is very bad.
I had been assured that everything would be perfect (internet etc) but it's a real shit.
I apologize for the impossibility to make some payments and answer tickets.

A little patience please.


Published on 16-05-2022
Deposit and Get
Payeer: 25% Bonus
Perfect-Money: 25% Bonus
Airtm (MANUAL) :30% Bonus

All crypto deposit : 40% Bonus

Bonus added manually

Promo ends on 20 May 2002.
The bonus will be added to the Account balance.

Published on 08-04-2022


Deposit and get:

Deposit: $2 - $10 (Free Bonus 10% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 1Revshare(valor 1$) for each 3$)

Deposit: $11 - $50 (Free Bonus 15% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 2 Revshare(valor 1$)

Deposit: $51 - $100 (Free Bonus 20% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 5 Reveshares(valor 1$)

Deposit: Up  $101  (Free Bonus 25% + Free 1 RR for each dollar + 5 Revshares(valor 1$)

 Bonus added manually

Promo ends on 11  April  2002.

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